Where beauty meets precision in every touch.

We are the nr. 1 beautysalon in Amsterdam, specialised in Waxing, Lashes and Nails

Give me lashes and watch me make it happen

Never listen to someone with bad eye brows

Reveal your beauty, one strip at a time





Nothing improves your mood like a manicure

Our salon is a haven of transformation, dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence.
Step into a world of elegance and pampering, where our skilled professionals offer a range of services that include, luxurious waxing treatments, precision lash application and more.


”Met veel geduld en liefde kreeg ik een super mooi resultaat dankzij Liz. Zeer goede voorbereiding, om ervoor te zorgen dat je zo lang mogelijk kan genieten van je bambi oogjes.”
- Angelina R.

”Liz was really nice and the wax wasn’t painful! The results came out great. Thank you so much!.”
- Beatrice F.


”Never shaving again!.”
- Joyce G.